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Calamari season has started

Posted on 17 April 2016

My father and I decided to head out on a last minute eging and tailor trip last night right after work until midnight. We arrived at 8:30pm and began setting up. Tony rigged up a battery float with a whole pilchard to chase tailor. The evening was slow with not much happening until my fathers float slowly went up. He gave it a few seconds, striked and felt some weight on the other end. Assuming that it was a tailor, he started to fight the fish to the front. It was only after a few cranks when he said it didn't feel like a fish and felt more a squid. To our surprise there was a medium size cuttlefish at the other end of the line that was floating around in the wash, trying to get off the hook. He slowly moved it around the front and tried to wash it up when the hook pulled/cuttlefish right infront of the ledge. It wasn't a huge size, but wasn't too bad. The funny thing was that after he lost the cuttlefish he inspected the bait to see what had happened and to our surprise, the pilchard was still half attached as well as a dead nanygai that the cuttlefish had bitten into as the meat between the dorsal fin and head had a huge chunk missing. It was only safe to assume that the nanygai been hooked on one of the hooks whilst eating the pilchard and then came the cuttlefish that decided to attack the nanygai.

The eging was dead despite me trying out several colours, spraying egi max, moving locations and pretty much scraping the ground with the egi. As the tide proceeded to come over the ledge the action was still quiet. Around 30 minutes before the end of the trip I was onto the first calamari. The calamari was hooked on the Yamashita OH Q LIVE #3.5S (RLCFO from memory) with a green cloth and glow base. This one was a hood length of 26cm. The very next cast on the same jig I was onto another green eye, only this time it was smaller. I threw around the egi for another 20 minutes or so switching through several colours with no hits so I deicded to call it quits at 11:30pm and packed up.


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