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Eastern suburbs early morning session

Posted on 05 June 2016

Eastern suburbs early morning session

After twisting and turning about where we should fish, we decided to stick to a local spot and pray that the weather holds up even though the forecasted predicted a 1.8m Southerly swell @ 8 seconds. Luckily for us though, we had a low tide making it possible to head the rocks. Tim, Jason, Jimmy, Kevin and Ray joined up and fished in the morning. To our surprise the swell wasn't too bad and was rather calm, feeling more like a 1.2m swell not a 1.8m. The ground swell was reasonable but but the swell period was quite high which meant we had to watch some larger sets.

The morning was slow with most of us ISO fishing except for Jason and Tim who were spinning/eging with not much luck. I met a customer down there Tim (different Tim from who we went ISO fishing with), who was with his friend spinning gars. From the morning, Ray was on fire getting hits after hits on the peeled prawns. Ray managed to land 2 snapper that were just under the legal size limit that were both released after being unhooked. Ray also lost several fish as the hook pulled whilst fighting the fish at the front with 2 of the hook pulls being silver trevally in the wash. Kevin and I were both fishing heavy using 20lb leader in hope of a drummer, but were having trouble getting bites due to the thickness of the leader in the glassy water. Burley was going in at a good pace with the burley drawing in baitfish in close to the ledges which looked like a good sign. The water had a deep blue colour to it with the temperature being quite warm too which was a surprise as we expected the water to be cold.

Jimmy was fishing a corner ledge in the wash for luderick and he was on the losing end of the fight after 2 pigs made simple work of his 6lb leader. Also, Jimmy recently dropped off his Shimano BBX Hyperfroce with us for a service and was using an alvey he originally fished with. He encountered problems as he hadn't used the reel for so long after using the LBD reel and lost control both times on the drummer. Jimmy left a little bit past 7am as he had to get to work.

Not long after Jimmy left, Kevin got a hooked up on a fish that had some weight that seemed to have won as it wedged itself into the reef. A minute later the fish was back out and fighting in the wash, but once again ended up reefing Kevin right below our feet. Eager to get the fish out and frustrated that it felt like a good size, Kevin remained calm and continued to wait a little longer. As he pulled the line to see if there had been any progress, the fish swam out of the hole and began to fight hard as it darted for the reef once again. Luckily, Kevin was in control and slowly surfaced the fish whilst waiting for a wave to come with the chance of washing the fish up. The drummer was a beast at 53cm when we measured him up.

The action slowly picked up after this as I landed 3 trevally and a blackfish that chugged down a weed bait the size of a 50c coin intended for a drummer on a #12 hook and 20lb leader! By this time, Jason and Tim had switched to ISO. Jason had his fun of the day as he hooked up onto a rat king on his #1 rod at 6lb leader that gave him a good run around the ledges as it circled across the entire ledge forcing Jason to carefully hold on and follow the fish. After a tedious fight the fish was landed, photographed and released right away. Kevin also landed another blackfish whilst chasing drummer on the same rig. The action was heating up for Jason and Tim as they landed 3 blackfish in the last 10 minutes or so of fishing on prawn baits.

My customer Tim also landed 2 kingfish, 1 legal and 1 under spinning with gars.

All up, the morning was slow but picked up as the morning leaving us with a few keepers and released the rest.

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