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ISO Fishing in flat seas

Posted on 05 June 2016

ISO fishing in flat seas

A small organised ISO fishing trip was held on the Eastern suburbs on Wednesday morning. The crew consisting of Justin, Nick, Ray, Kevin and I met up at 5:30am and way our way down to the ledge to get there on first light. We struggled to find the way down for a few minutes as I couldn't find the correct route, but eventually managed to find the way down. Despite the high tide of 1.5m, the swell was absolutely flat bringing upon a glassy day. After scoping out the conditions, I decided to fish light and rigged up the IFL Excalibur Type 0 with the Daiwa Tournament ISO RCS custom LBD with #2 main line and #1.7 Toray EX leader.

The morning started off well with Nick hooking up onto a solid tarwhine within the first few casts on his ISO set up. Moments later, Ray was the next to hook and land a bream. Both of the fish were of good sizes surpassing the 30cm mark easily. The start was great, but quickly went silent as the sun crept up over the horizon and the water was still. Due to the tide change being on sunrise, the water was almost a dead still making it hard to ISO fish as the floats weren't really moving anywhere.

The crew burleyed heaps and fished with a mixture of baits, but didn't have much luck throughout the morning after the bream and tarwhine that were caught on sunrise. Ray and Kevin moved over into the corner where they losted 2 decent drummer what what I heard. One of Ray's fish barged into the reef and took his whole rig under too. After hearing about bust off, I moved over with Kevin and Ray to check out the ledge. Kevin picked up a large rock cale that was released. As we were dodging a wave, my float also went down, but by the time I striked the fish had already ran my rig under the reef and busted me off without much pressure. There was rock cods being caught left and right throughout the whole day (Jay refers to the place as a rock cod factory).

I re-rigged with a 0 IFL Basic F float with a strip of calamari generously given by Ray that was caught the morning before. Ray and I moved back over to the original ledge where we were fishing at and what a good move it was. On Ray's second or third cast, he hooked a big fish (assuming to be a drummer) on a strip of the fresh calamari that plunged at the reef, peeling his drag and didn't plan to stop as it busted him off at the rock ledge in front. A few casts later, my float zipped down and the Type 0 was buckling over to the 4th second as the fish ran hard for the reef. As I was only using #2 main line and #1.7 I played it slowly and steered the fish out of the reef and up came a decent drummer, finally. The fish measured 47cm and put the Type 0 to the test as it buckled over. Towards the end of the session, Justin hooked up onto a silver trevally but dropped it as the hook pulled from right infront of the ledge whilst trying to wash the fish up.

Overall, it was a slow day, but at least we got to see the Type 0 in action on a decent fish.

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