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Central Coast Beginners Session R3 - One Man Army

Posted on 26 July 2016

Late report, continuing on teaching my beginner mates the basics of ISO fishing, last Monday we headed up to the Central Coast again. Despite the Eastern Suburbs firing up the weeks prior with Drummer being landed in good numbers and good sizes, I still felt like they weren't ready to fish the Eastern Suburbs and needed one more solid session fishing Central Coast. This is mainly because the Central Coast ledges are much easier to fish, also the structure is a lot more friendly with more sand which means less snags and most importantly the ledges are much safer.

We arrived at our ledge just on first light and was met with very flat seas just like forecasted. One of my mates quickly setup his bottom bashing rod in search of a jewie on first light. This ledge is known to produce jewies and my mate had caught some tailor the night before from a wharf which he butterflied on a double snell rig whilst me and my other mate prepared the berley. Shortly after we hear my mate yell that hes on and quickly set up the net only to find it was a false alarm, an Aussie Salmon.

After the berley was made (took a while as we brought a full bag), we crossed over to the low ledge and began setting up our rigs. I fished with the Excalibur Type 3 prototype with 20lb trace with the usual intention of aiming for size rather than numbers, whilst my other 2 mates rigged up with 14lb trace. We began berleying the gutter and was met with a moderate~strong rip current which made fishing a bit difficult for my beginner mates as they had trouble with line control.

Later on my mate fishing for jewies joined in and told us he had 2 solid hook-ups but during both runs the fish had run him into the reef.

After berleying for a good 15min and allowing it to settle, we began fishing and the total tally went:

10~11x Drummer from 35cm~42cm
10~13x Bream up to 42cm (3 were over 40cm and they all averaged 38cm)
1x 41cm Tarwhine
2x Wirrah Cod from 38~40cm
1x Red Rock Cod 40cm
1x Aussie Salmon 58cm

From this tally all of the fish except the Aussie Salmon, 41cm Tarwhine, 1 Wirrah Cod and the Red Rock Cod was caught by me, hence the title of the report "one man army"

We released most of the fish after having enough for a feed. Even on the heavy ISO gear and 20lb trace the fish weren't being shy. Infact most of the Bream were feeding on the surface and I was fishing a heavy rig, if I fished an un-weighted rig probably could have landed a bream per cast but my intentions were on a big Drummer.

My 2 beginner mates had trouble fishing the current as previously they have only fished spots where you could just fish at your feet and this was their first time fishing a spot where they had to practice line control. Even the Drummer which are normally at our feet were feeding in the currents. The bream at this spot were all horse sizes and at one point we had more 40cm+ Bream than 35~39cm ones but towards the end we were getting smaller ones which rounded off the average size to around 38cm.

When fishing the current its important to begin the drift in the correct spot so that your rig ends up in the right area and also to berley in the correct spot too.

At around 10am, a strong NW wind began to blow which was expected and the fishing just completely died off with no action for the next 1 hour. We called it quits and packed up.

I kept 2 Drummer (1 for steaming and 1 for sashimi), 2 Wirrah Cods and the Red Rock Cod for Sashimi. Probably some of the best fish for Sashimi and it was an absolute 5 star feast when I got back home with my family also agreeing with it was the best sashimi they've ever tasted. If I had to rank them, it would have to be Wirrah Cod closely followed by Red Rock Cod and the Drummer but each has their own unique texture and flavour. The added bonus was the Wirrah Cods and Red Rock Cod were decent sizes which provided plenty of sashimi.

The white you see in the background is not swell but the fog/mist in the morning which was blowing across

Slightly better photo showing the fog/mist

These were the final keepers we kept for the table. Tried to give a comparison by putting my Canon lens cap in the middle, but you can see the sizes of the bream compared alongside the aussie salmon

One of the Drummer down the bottom decided to be an action model and flopped into an aesthetic pose as I took the shot

**** Bonus Photos from my mates phone ****

Scanning the water, as you can see very clear sky no clouds. Un-edited, no filter

My mate bottom bashing for jewies. Un-edited, no filter



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