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Wash fishing for drummer

Posted on 26 July 2016

An ozisofishing organised fishing trip was held this morning with some keen anglers to brave the cold and head out for a early morning trip. The team today consisted of Paul, Sunny, Justin, Nick, Joseph, Michael and myself. After hearing reports about drummer being caught everywhere from Newcastle all the way down to Kiama drove me into leading the team for a drummer session. We met up at 5:30am and made our way onto the ledge. The conditions looked good after arrival and everybody was busy setting up their rigs and making the burley. With 7 people burley, we didn't have a shortage and burley and it worked in our favour as the fish were biting almost right away. Michael was the first to hook up and land a silver trevally from the group, followed by Nick. From then on, the trevally were hitting almost any bait that was hitting the water.

Trevally were being caught left, right and center by everybody with sizes ranging from tiny to up to 40cm with the majority being released. Jay couldn't make it to the trip today, so I thought i'd do the honours and rig up the IFL Excalibur prototype TIII to test out on locked up gear. I matched the prototype with the Shimano BBX Remare 6000D with #6 Unitika GAU main line and #5 Sunline Vhard fluorocarbon leader in search for a big drummer that may be dwelling. As for bait, I was using peeled banana prawns that were salted the night before for extra strength against pickers. The float of choice today was the IFL Basic BG #0.8 ISO float with a 0.8 rubber coated split shot and a massive #13 hook. Despite the heavy rig, I was getting hit by trevally non stop on the drop, on the drift and even out from the burley trail.

Paul (Pauly) was the first to enter the scoreboard for drummer with a nice drummer caught on a peeled banana prawn by the looks of things. After a tough fight and tricky net shot, the prized fish was finally landed amongst the million trevally that swam around. Meanwhile, the trevally were being caught all around with chaos arising with some people getting tangled due to double, triple and evenquadtriple hook up on trevally at once. Fate had it that Paul hook another drummer of similar size that he fought to the front when suddnely..... BANG! the rod gave out as he was fighting the fish from right infront. The fish was still landed after Paul managed to winch the fish up with the line.

After my cast, I burleyed a few scoops and scoped around to try and find my float. Moments later, I thought feel some bites through the line which eventually ate the bait and took off. Finally it was the target species which we came for, a drummer. Although it wasn't huge, it was a good warm up for the TIII. The drummer picked up quickly and were on the chew as I managed to land 6 by the end of the session, 3 being released. One drummer around 45cm that I had fought to the front was floating around so I decided to try and pole the pig from the water onto the ledge, but big mistake as the trace snapped right above the hook.

Justin wasn't having a good day as the drummer continued to bust off his #3 main line as they charged into the reef and cut him off at the main line twice. Michael, Sunny and Joseph were on fire with the trevally all day long as they poled the trevally in one by one. We didn't count the numbers, but we must have landed around 50 trevally by the end of the trip as Michael and Joseph alone caught almost 30 by the looks of things. Nick managed to land a few drummer towards the end of the trip as did Justin after a long day losing fish, Justin landed a good size drummer to tally the fish onto the scoreboard. Michael broke his ISO fishing rod earlier on in the session as he striked and the float managed to find it's way to the 4th section that damaged the section and broke it very next fish, so I lent him the Type II to fish with. Michael managed to land his first legal drummer (Congrats mate!) towards the end of the session. Paul also scored his PB drummer at 49.5cm on his Majorcraft Skyroad that he swapped over after he broke the ISO rod.

Overall, it was an entertaining trip with heaps of action. The almost all of the trevally were released except for a few.

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