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Central Coast Ozisofishing Members Sesh

Posted on 15 July 2017

Part 1 of a double bender session I had which includes the Central Coast Members in the morning and an afternoon session with my Father at a local spot. Part 2 of the double bender session in afternoon can be found here:

Last Wednesday a members session was organised with Gabriel, Tim, Johsua, Drew, Ryan, Stephanie and Michael Thien attending. Majority of us threw all nighters or only had 1 hour sleep and were very tired but still pumped as we were fishing a new spot. We decided on a spot that I've long been wanting to fish for many years but just never got the opportunity to fish it or the weather didn't allow as this is a very dangerous spot.

The Catch
* 14~15 x Drummer (mostly released) ranging from 30cm~52cm with the majority of them around the 40~45cm mark
* 1x Snapper around 47~48cm
* 4 x Bream (mostly released)
* 5~6 x Trevally (all released)
* 2 x Blackfish 40cm+ (one of them got eaten by a Pelican)
* 4 x Calamari hood length ranging from 13cm~32cm

Upon arriving, we could see all the members were very exhausted including myself from not getting any sleep due to the anticipation and build up for this session but we were still very excited to get our lines in the water. I spent the first 15~20min scouting the ledge out with my headlamp as I do with all new spots. For many years this spot has always been on my list of potential big Drummer spots but Gabriel has always been very cautious about taking members here as it is dangerous and Gabriels father has been swept off this ledge here many years ago. Luckily the swell was extremely flat with the help of SW swell + W winds.

Josh, Tim and Drew were first to rig up their eging outfits and Josh drew firstblood with landing his PB squid which was a nice 32cm hood length specimen. Shortly after that Tim landed one and another 2 smaller models in quick succession.

After we all prepared our berley and rigged up, the initial first light period was very quiet. We were split into 2 groups and fished 2 points. Tim was the first to hook up and got busted off shortly. Drew then hooked up and landed a nice size Blackfish of around 40cm. Following that, there seemed to be consistent action with Bream, Trevally and few bustoffs but I'll let Tim or Drew report on that part as I was fishing a different point.

So after watching Tim and Drew hook up a few fish, the berley started to kick in and Gabriel was the first to hook up on our side and was busted off on 16lb trace and Type 3 Prototype ISO rod, most likely a 50cm+. Initially when we were rigging up I told Gabriel to forget 16lb and just go heavy from the get go but still decided to fish light as conditions were very flat with barely any wash. After that Gabriel and I had consistent hook-ups on Drummer between us as the berley kicked in and the fish were on the bite with Gabriel landing a nice 45cm Drummer on the 20lb trace.

One of the highlights of the session was the 52cm Drummer which ended up being the biggest one of the session. I was fishing with the Type 3 Rambo version rambo with #6 trace, I locked up solid and skull dragged the fish up as we were casting over a shallow reef into the drop off and we had to pump the fish up over the reef. It was a good field testing opportunity for the Rambo type and from that fight, even when I locked up to that Drummer I still felt like there was still a lot more the rod could give. Gabriel has some footage from this hook-up and should be up on youtube sometime in the next few weeks. Overall between us we we had about 11~12 Drummer landed averaging around 40~42cm with majority of them being released.

The 2nd highlight of the session was a surprise Snapper by-catch. Majority of the Drummer were caught very high up in the water column and sometimes on the surface but this one cast my bait did not get touched and I let it drift down deep and stay down for a long period of time. Suddenly my line starts coming off the bail arm and I locked up to a solid fish which I initially called for a big Drummer due to the aggressive way the Snapper hit the bait and run but then realised it was a different fish as the fighting pattern was different. After a short tussle a nice Snapper of around 47~48cm surfaced and it was a very fat specimen. I think Gabriel should also have footage of this on the go pro as well. Shortly after that, Michael Thien who was fishing alongside Gabriel and I wasn't having much luck but finally got his rig into the right area on the edge of that drop off and hooked up to a nice 48cm Drummer which took him for a good run dragging him all the way to the left to the other members and finally landing the Pig.

As the sun came up and the tide dropped, the bite slowed down. Drew brought out his drone and took some nice footage. We found the drone especially useful for scouting nearby ledges including some potential big Drummer spots across from us, being a clear flat day we could see all the structure under the water from the drone camera. With the tide reaching low, we tried different points to get a bite. Stephanie got busted off on what seemed like a nice Drummer on the bottom of the tide, nobody saw it except me as I was nearby and she looked very angry as she let out her rage with a loud yell. Ryan moved over to a point near the cliff face and got busted off a few times on 14lb trace. Shortly after we came over to me to ask for revenge, so for my final cast I had a drift in Ryans spot and landed a another Drummer around the 38cm mark.

3rd highlight of the session was during the first light period, a few humpback whales came in and put in a show for us. That's the second week in a row we were greeted by whales during our members session. Later in the arvo, I had gone for a double bender session and came across humpback whales on 2 occasions during the session but that will be in a separate report later.

The 4th and final highlight of the session came from after we packed and we were walking back. Gabriel went to a rock pool to wash his shoe as they were covered in clay and as he got to the edge, he fell straight onto his ass whilst carrying all his heavy gear on the back. It was a pretty bad stack and the biggest fishing accident Gabriel has had to this day fishing but luckily there were no injuries. only laughs. Shortly after that, like a comedy of errors Drew after watching Gabriel fall, also slipped on the same part of the rock whilst doing the same thing not even 20 seconds after. Turns out there was some brown slime and it was one of the most slippery rocks I had come across. I carefully placed one of my foot on the rock and even with my rock spikes it was skidding around like an ice rink.

Overall, we had a great session and we landed some solid fish. The buildup to this session was big and everything went as planned. We had the flat swell and good tides and I always knew this spot was going to be good.

To top off a good sesssion, afterwards I found a nice kebab shop which makes a delicious mouth watering mexican style hot dog with mexican jalapenos.

Part 2 of the double bender Arfternoon session report coming soon~

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