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Report: Central Coast ISO Fishing

Posted on 06 November 2016

Blurters - A nickname for silver trevally

Gabriel, Jay, James, Leon, Brad, Michael Wong, Michael Thien, Darrell

Set up:
Rod: IFL Excalibur Type I
Reel: Daiwa Tournament ISO 3000SH LBD
Line: Unitika GAU ISO #3
Leader: Sunline V-hard #1.75
Float: IFL Basic XO 2B

Forecast predicted a swell of 1.7m @ 7 seconds with a 20 knot westerly wind so Jay and I decided to play it safe and selected a safer ledge to fish at with the members. The drive in was messy as my car was too low, resulting in Jay and James getting out of the car and walking whilst I slowly drove over the speed hump. To make matters worse, I misjudged the road and the car slammed after a dip which snapped the hinge off the exhaust making it move. Despite the complications, eventually we made it to the parking lot and made our way down to the ledge. Upon arrival there was already 2 anglers bottom bashing with pillies under floats who didn't seem to have had much luck.

Eager to fish, everybody rigged up in silence and proceeded to fish. Everybody was ISO fishing except for James who was keen to try and land a kingy on his spin gear. The only fish that were being caught were rock cod and sweep until Jay drew first blood. The rod buckled over and everybody was popping their heads up to see what the fuss was about. After a tough tussle the we got colour and it was a massive salmon, estimating it to be 65cm. In the midst of recording Jay's fight, I also had a bite which resulted in my leader breaking at the knot. After Jay's fish was netted, photographed and released I re-rigged and had another cast. As soon as I had my line in the water, Jay and Michael hooked onto silver trevally that were of good sizes. The action got hot as a school of big silver trevally moved in to feed. All of the blurters that we got were over 40cm with the largest being 50cm.

Jay wasn't even fishing half time as he was chasing drummer and got the silver trevally as bycatch. Jay and I were also running around helping others landing their fish as netboy's. Jay landed 4 trevally and a salmon, Michael Tien landed 4 trevally, I landed 3 trevally, Darrell landed 1 trevally and Brad landed 1 trevally. Jay and I both released 2 of the fatter trevally that looked to have roe in the stomach as well as the Aussie salmon.

After all the action, the wind began to blow and made it unfishable so we packed and moved spots at 8:30am. After we moved locations, the new spot wasn't as affected by the wind so we set up camp and re-rigged. The second location was quiet as well with not much happening until Michael landed a tailor first cast I landed another silver trevally. A few casts later I picked up a drummer that went 35cm, the first for the day. Michael had a solid hook up, but the fish bit him off. Darrell landed another smaller trevally which he released after de-hooking. Soon after landing the drummer I called it quits and packed my gear.

Whilst James and I were cleaning and gutting the fish, people seeemd to be getting plenty of hits off Brad's magical banana prawns. Brads banana prawns seemed to the bait of the day as Brad landed a solid tarwhine from the wash as well as Michael who picked up a nice bream. A few baby drummer were also landed.

Thanks to all that attended =)

Photos 1/3

Photos Part 2/3

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