Team: Gabriel, William, Connor, Shin Young, Chris, Jay

Conditions were too poor to venture out on the rocks, so the harbour was the verdict. After hearing news that the bonito and kingfish had been invading the harbour slowly we made the decision to hit up a local spot for an early morning shore jig. We met up later than usual at 5:30am and began fishing. I decided to burley this time in the harbour to try and school in some baitfish. Whilst I was preparing the burley I heard Connor yelling followed by some water splashing. A rat king hit the new lure he picked up at Campsie the other day, a Megabass Or-Poi floating stickbait that was hooked on the Palms Shore Gun 103H+. The kingfish was around 55cm and was released after the photo. A few casts later as I observed the action of the Or-Poi from the higher ledge I saw another king smack the lure on the surface however, this time it didn't hok up.

Shortly after, Shin Young had a run on a bonito on the oh so popular Zerek Cavalla 45gram lure that he was working on the surface. Connor was the next to hook up again on the same Megabass lure, this time it was a bonito. Shin Young was on a good run as he hooked and landed 4/4 bonito in his 2nd ever session shore jigging. Chris pulled out a bonito towards the end of the trip whilst William and I were having a slow day. Jay switched between various lures and ended up landing 2 flathead on the Palms Slow Blatts.

At the end of the day the tally totaled 6 x bonito, 1 x kingfish and 2 flathead. Although it still early into the season, the fish seem to be lurking inside the harbour for anglers who want a back up location in rough seas.