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Central Coast: Big Crowd but Slow Fishing

Posted on 26 November 2017

A short early morning session was organised with 10 people attending including Gabriel, Tim, William, Johnny, Jayce, Michael, Joshua, Jackie, Franz and myself.

As we had so much people we were limited in the spots we could fish so we decided to fish a nice wide open ledge which could fit 10 people. Upon arriving the swell forecast of 1.4m S at 10 seconds looked more like a 1.1mish swell which was a bit too flat for the ledge we were fishing.

The Catch
around 10 blackfish
2 x brown Groper around 55cmish and 30cmish
4~5 x Bream
1x 65cm Kingfish
1x Salmon 70cmish
2~3 x Parrotfish

Upon arriving to our designated ledge, conditions were too flat but we didn't have much of a choice as we already walked to our spot and we had 10 people so we decided to just give it a go anyway. I spent the first 20min trying to muster some crabs incase I decided to have a crack at Groper later. Fishing was very slow for the entire morning, not much consistent action but just a random fish being pulled out here and there. Was a very hot morning, I was sweating like crazy and found myself very dehydrated.

During the morning Jacky landed a legal King on a shore jig and a few of the other people who were there fishing with live baits got a few kingys as well. I was fishing a ridiculous setup, Michael Wong had borrowed the Excalibur Type 3 rambo version prototype for his Port Stephens trip so I decided to fish with the SFC Big Game #5 ISO rod with 30lb trace. Using this ridiculously overpowered outfit I managed to hook a yakka on a #13 size hook, a whole cooked banana prawn and 30lb trace. I didn't waste any opportunities and I quickly switched to a 5/0 Octopus hook and told the boys ill be back with a Kingy on ISO. 5min later on my first drift I got smashed and upon seeing the fish jump on the surface knew it wasn't a Kingy but a horse of a salmon, bigger than Jackys Kingy. Was easily subdued on the #5 big game ISO rod and released afterwards.

Overall it was a slow morning with not much Drummer action from anybody although there was a short period of about 3min when a school of Drummer did come in and Franz and Michael both had a double hook up to something reasonable but they both busted off. William caught a small brown of around 30cm on the prawn and after seeing that I decided to switch rigs and try for Groper as well. I put on a crab and on my first bait had a hit and was fighting the Groper for 2 seconds before it let go of my bait, I winded my line in to still see the crab was still on the hook so I dropped it straight back down to its cave again and it got hit straight away again and this time I managed to stay connected and land a small 55cm brown Groper which was released afterwards.

That was pretty much it for the entire morning. Probably should have walked further in to find some wash but I think everyone was just tired/lazy to repack and move spots as it was a very hot morning.

Gabriel should be uploading the photos later.



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