2020 Palms Jigaro Superslide 150g

By Palms

Jigaro's 4th Z light metal model "Superslide" has been born in 2020 and has achieved overwhelming slide actions. As its name implies, the Jigaro Super Slide is a model created to achieve the highest slide in the series. The slide action has been obtained by the balance of the symmetrical body with the low sync rate of Z light metal. The center weight balance body, which pursues balance of flying distance and Jigaro  action, demonstrates the action response of the highest peak in the series to rod work. By intentionally dropping the sink rate, we realize a slow fall that does not seem like a metal body. A small downward force means that all input power can be converted into an upward or lateral action. A jig that allows you to switch on a low activity target and keep the jig in view. It proposes new tactics to the world of shore jigging and jigging.

JS-60 60 g 150 mm
JS-80 80g 165 mm
JS-100 100g 182 mm
JS-115 115g 193 mm
JS-135 135 g 203 mm
JS-150 150g 210 mm

Asymmetric body

The body has a brushed up balance that is symmetrical to the left and right, boasting the largest slide in the series.

Z light metal

New material Z light metal with small specific gravity is used. The low sync rate adds a sharp effect and induces a bite.