2019/2020 Yamashita Egi OH LIVE Global Colour 3.0

$16.50 $21.99

EGI OH LIVE Global Colour 2020]

10 colour variations and 3 sizes (2.5, 3.0 and 3.5)

These are special colour lineups, focusing on colour combinations that are popular in overseas markets

Not available in Japan, but only for overseas markets.

  • Warm Jacket - thermo storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal.
  • Tin Sinker - environmentally friendly tin sinker
  • Double Crown Hooks - stainless steel hooks
  • Slim Nose design - Yamashita have a patent on the slim nose design on the LIVE jigs. This slim nose helps impart a sharp darting action (more action with less effort from the angler)
  • 490 Glow was developed by Yamashita after research showed the best wavelength of visible light for the squid eye to see is 490nm. 
  • UV Body - reacts to UV light (can not be charged up like a glow body) Also know as KEIMURA.
  • Action - The tin skiner LIVE will jump higher with each rod action compared to the lead sinker LIVE, this gives the angler more action over a shorter distance. The side to side darting action is the same..

Available in 10 colours

Size 2.5: 10.5g;  Sink Speed 5.0 sec./m

Size 3.0: 15g;  Sink Speed 3.5 sec/m

Size 3.5: 20g;  Sink Speed 3.0 sec/m



GC001 UV White

A simple combination of U.V body with white la- me cloth. It produces a strong reaction from the sunlight.

GC002 Solid Black

A Solid Black colour that creates a strong silhouette in the waterIdeal for low light conditions. One of the long time best sellers in overseas markets.

GC003 Red Prawn.

Natural baitfish colour : a combination of red foil & natural cloth.

A high achiever all over the world. YAMASHITA has made this colour since the 1990's.

GC004 UV White.

A U.V body with white la-me cloth and glow spot paint.

It has a high appeal when the sunlight changes such as prime time in the morning or evening.

GC005 Skull Prawn.

Red foil with black la-me cloth and glow spot paint.

A strong silhouette colour that covers a wide range of conditions.

GC006 Hot Tiger.

A bright colour combination of fluoro green, yellow and orange. This bright colour

contrast is effective on high activity squid and dirty water conditions.

GC007 Pearl White.

Pearl body with white la-me cloth. Creates a pale yet natural presentation. Foils can not make this colour. It's suitable in clear water and bright conditions.

GC008 D-Forest.

Red foil with dark green la-me cloth. This combination has a strong silhouette at night. It's suitable in clear water. It's a popular colour combination for Japanese commercial fishermen.

GC009 Zebra Black.

Silver hologram foil with black basic cloth and glow paint. This foil has a strong

reflection even in low light conditions such as shade areas, cloudy conditions and muddy water.

GC010 Wild Prawn.

U.V. body with dark la-me cloth. This combination creates a subtle U.V.reflection and will appeals more naturally to low activity squid.