2021 Yamashita Egi OH Live Neon Bright 3.0


Next generation U.V.ray reflection appeal "EGI OH LIVE NEON BRIGHT"
YAMASHITA releases new technology "NEON BRIGHT" with red, green, and blue wavelengths. Appeal the existence of Egi's to squid with optimal ultraviolet light emission according to the tide colour. 

What is neon bright ultraviolet light emission?

The body that is not exposed to ultraviolet rays looks like a clear body, but under ultraviolet rays, each color emits light.

Valid situation

Red, green, and blue UV-emitting colors with "three different wavelengths"
enable rotation according to the situation.

Use partial tape

By inserting a partial tape in the lateral line, not only the UV emission appeal but also
the flicker reflection appeal peculiar to the tape is added.

Size Weight Sinking Speed
2.5 10g Approximately 5.5 seconds / m
3.0 15g Approximately 3.5 seconds / m
3.5 21g Approximately 3 seconds / m

  • 062 Monster Red

    A color that combines a highly visible pink back with a red neon bright body. A color
    that appeals to squids even in low light conditions in the morning and evening, and is also effective for site fishing.

    Red tape   

  • 063 Battle Green

    A color that is conscious of the silhouette that is active in night games from evening mazume.
    The red neon bright body and the partial red tape go crazy.


    Red tape   

  • 064 Rory Pop

    The combination of the green neon bright body and the inflated back color makes it a muddy tide capture color.
    Even in the muddy tide with poor visibility, the existence of Egi is firmly appealed to squid.


    Gold tape   

  • 065 Spark Olive

    A color that combines a green neon bright body with a back color that blends in with the muddy tide.
    It is effective when the activity of squid decreases due to turbidity caused by changes in water temperature or turbidity after rain.

    Gold tape   

  • 066 Bull Bull Mambo

    A clear tide killer that combines a blue background with blue neon bright.
    Switch on the neutral squid with a natural color that blends in with the clear tide.


    Gold tape   

  • 067 Powerful Blue

    Of the 6 colors that make the most of the body color, the neon bright appeal is the strongest color.
    Under conditions such as daytime and clear tide, the presence of Egi is appealed to squid in the distance by ultraviolet light emission + partial holo flushing.

    Silver holo