Apia Gannet Fishing Vest G198-PFD

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Rocket Trek's life jacket "Gannet" that thoroughly pursues mobility and functionality regardless of style such as rainwear and wet suits. The buoyant body on the front and back of the body has a slim silhouette that fits within the width of the body, and the design does not interfere with all movements such as rod work. Taking into consideration the balance of buoyancy and the silhouette that does not interfere with rod work without any waste, it shows a tight wearing feeling.


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  • This product is a leisure life jacket and is not Australian certified
  • This product can be used for offshore fishing and rock fishing using a leisure fishing boat.
  • When wearing it, be sure to securely close the front zipper and be sure to attach the crotch belt and buckle fasteners and wear it properly.
    If the belt is loose, the correct buoyancy cannot be obtained.
  • Although this product is a vest with a buoyancy of 7.5 kg or more, buoyancy may decrease if strong pressure is applied or it is stepped on. Please definitely stop.
  • Buoyancy will decrease with age. Please purchase a new life jacket after 2 to 3 years.