IFL Combi Burley Backpack V2


The IFL Combi burley backpack is the most versatile and widely used backpack by ISO fishermen. The Version 2 (V2) features an additional waist strap that can be used to prevent the backpack from moving whilst walking or climbing. Two straps have also been added on the top of the straps to pull down on when walking as a counter balance when walking. 

As seen by the members of Isofishinglifestyle as well as many other ISO fishermen, the IFL Combi burley backpack utilises a backpack and burley bucket carrier in 1 bag. The zippers are the sealed YKK zippers, making the zipper waterproof preventing water from accessing through the zippers. This bag is best choice when it comes to backpacks for ISO fishermen. 

*Please note, the burley bag is not included. The purchase includes the BAG ONLY.