Thirty34Four Pinky Polyester Line


The main time of Ajing is night, after sunset.
Pinky pink can be well seen at night under the night light with the movement of the line. After throwing it, you can find the range where the yellowtail is present if you are counting down when you drop it free to take the bottom to get the bottom.
Depending on the colour, there is a colour that the fish repels, and we conducted tests on various scenes and places many times, and for pink, it was easy to see and was confirmed as a colour that was not disliked by the fish.
Pink is easy for people to see but hard to see for fish.
A heavy jig head will sink with any line, but sometimes it is hard when using a light jig head of less than 1g.
Thick lines and floating lines like PE (braid) are hard to sink due to surface tension.
The thinner the line, the easier it sinks. Since Pinky is made of polyester, this line has almost no elongation and has a specific gravity of 1.38, so it will never float.


#0.3 1.4lb

#0.4 1.6lb

#0.6 2.3lb