Daiichi Seiko Noobiner D + Snap Holder

By Daiichi

The D-shaped carabiner incorporating a 45-cm-long rope that can be mounted to game vests with ease.
The D-shaped carabiner adopts high-strength and rust-free fibreglass reinforced plastic (GFRP with a content of 55%), and a one-sided loop of the built-in double-safety roles that extends 45 cm is provided with two snap holders and the other loop is provided with your favourite small items

Just by sliding along the shape, the snap can be removed with ease.
The product extends to your hands with a safety rope, thus making it possible to connect the line first, fasten the snap at the tightening position, and take out the snap.

Noobiner D
● Size: 73 × 50 × 11 mm (excluding rope)
● Size: 39 × 33 × 3.5 mm
Noobiner D + Snapholder
● Weight: 18 g