Daiwa 2020 Tournament ISO AGS

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By Daiwa

Inherit the tenacity and overcome it with strength.
■ The proven "Tough Blanks" will evolve to the next dimension with V-JOINT α.
The core of the rock rod is in the blanks.
It can be said that blanks performance is the most important factor that determines whether or not Gure can be caught in shore fishing, which is forced to interact in a harsh natural environment and in an unfavorable position compared to other fishing species. The evolution of the reel line in recent years has brought about changes in the required rock rod requirements. The ideal is a "rod that bends to stop glare and floats with restoring force". There were many rods with so-called "stickiness" that bent to the body, but there was no rod that had strength. Daiwa pays attention to the power "toughness" after bending, and installs it in 16 TOURNAMENT ISO AGS as "toughness blanks" that just train "stickiness" and make it "toughness". It has been highly evaluated as the royal road condition of the new rock rod.
NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS has matured in the tone aspect of "Tough Blanks" based on the know-how of DAIWA accumulated since its release and the opinions of testers, and acquired a new technology called "V-JOINTα". The basic performance of "bending" and "strength" has been greatly improved. The smooth bending of the knots brought about by "V-JOINT α" reduces the power loss during exchanges, and by making full use of the restoring force of the blanks, it is possible to continue to give greater tension to Gure.
Taking over the tenacity and surpassing it with strength ... Then NEW TOURNAMENTISO AGS gained a new "toughness" and achieved a leap evolution to the next dimension of blanks.

■ Lightness and sensitivity "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) opens up the world of STRESS "0".
The evolution of "AGS", which has been pursuing lightness and sensitivity, will not stop. The epoch-making "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) that will appear in 2020 realizes smoother line emission performance by installing a zero-shaped ring. In addition, by setting the guide itself at an appropriate inclination angle, the thread entanglement suppression performance is greatly improved. "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) opens up a new world of STRESS "0".

■ Commitment to beautiful bending
We have evolved the previously installed "V-JOINT" and adopted "V-JOINT α" which has both strength and lightness for smooth bending. It is possible to continue to give moderate tension without giving a sense of discomfort according to the size of the pull of the gray by realizing smooth bending of the viewpoint while setting the body tone with more emphasis on stickiness than before. I made it.

■ Commitment to length and tone according to style
NEW TOURNAMENT AGS has three types of length and tone. The mega top models 50 and 53, and the competition model 51 SMT, each have the same design concept of sticky blanks, and while embodying the royal road of the rock rod, it is optimal depending on the situation used and the required function. In order to do so, we made a special setting.

Product features
Product name Feature
50 Taking advantage of the high operability, the length is suitable for the style of attacking the shore with delicate gimmicks, but on the other hand, the distance to the hung gray is close, and it is possible to stop the rushing rush at the shore It will be a turning point in the game. The 50 model is set to a better body condition than other models so that the rod can catch the pull of the whole rod even in the situation where it is difficult to stand the rod at the moment of hanging. It is set to be good at exchanging with the rod lying down.
53 The 53 model is a length suitable for the style of interacting while controlling with a rod sabaki by naturally flowing gimmicks such as rocky shores with high scaffolding and mainstream. It is exchanged with the blackfish hung off the coast with the rod upright, and high guidance performance is required to avoid shimori etc. on the way as well as stickiness. NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS pursues a tone that draws a large and beautiful arc when the rod is squeezed upright. On the other hand, we pursued not just a torso, but a toughness at hand, which enables communication with the initiative while clearly controlling defense and offense.
Competition (51SMT model) The NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS competition adopts a delicate rod operation that takes advantage of the sensitivity that is the merit of "SMT" and a new length for quick and reliable catching. In addition to fishing that synchronizes with Makie, we pursued a condition that allows rod operation like a fingertip, such as stopping the gimmick and hanging it. Until it is hung, it is seasoned with an emphasis on operability, but after it is hung, there is no feeling of tension on the rod even if it is short, and a unique setting that enters the body at an earlier stage is given so that it can correspond to fine Harris. ..


■ Parts pursuing comfort

Instead of supporting the rear grip with points like the conventional round shape, we pursue a shape that prevents slippage by supporting it with a surface and realizes stable exchange even when momentary force is applied. "Smart control grip". Not only is it lightweight by molding with carbon, but it also bends to the grip end to release the force, increasing the sense of unity of the entire rod. In addition, the fixing force against rotation is increased by about 70%, enabling stable exchange even when a sudden fish rushes. In addition, an air sensor seat (hump hold) is used for the reel seat. A screw seat featuring a hump-shaped grip that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. By covering the part that touches the hand with elastomer, it is less slippery and the fit is improved.
■ Rod design that creates a strong presence

A design that uses DAIWA's original new technology that gives a three-dimensional design to the entire original rod using a special manufacturing method. The three-dimensional painting that looks different from the past realizes the presence of the flagship NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS.
■ Blanks design

# 4 section uses the image color of the mega top SMT model
Tester Impression Takashi Yamamoto
Pursue "toughness" and catch big game.
■ Tenacious torso that supplely forcibly floats and catches.
NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS is, in a word, "a rod that gives anglers a margin". In the development, we focused on "accepting the strong rush of large scale blackfish with the whole rod" and "continuing to apply tension during exchange to make the fish float faster".
Especially in the southwestern part of Shikoku, which is my home ground, there are many points where you can catch large-sized blackfish, and I am fascinated by its charm and often go there. This rod has the performance necessary to confront the big fish cultivated in such an area, and in the test, we were able to actually finish the tail length over 60 cm, demonstrating the high potential. The most particular thing was the setting of the rod that draws a beautiful arc. Among them, by setting the original side of the # 2 section to be slightly stiffer, the hooking force combined with the operability of the mechanism is improved, and conversely, the # 3 to # 4 sections are improved so that they are slightly bent. We confirmed how each part works in actual fishing, such as operating in # 5 while firmly receiving the rush of Gure. From the time it is hung to the time it is taken in, the setting is such that the rod continues to give a certain amount of tension even if the positional relationship with Gure changes. I am convinced that this NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS will be the royal road of the rock rod in the future. Please feel the difference.
Tester Impression Takashi Tanaka
"Feeling" wins the game extremely.

■ A technical offensive tone with sensitivity that allows you to manipulate and eat gimmicks with unrivaled accuracy.

In order to win the competition, I have been pursuing sensitivity for many years and have been involved in the development of the competition model equipped with "SMT". For this NEW TOURNAMENT ISO AGS competition, we have adopted a new total length of 5m20cm to 5m10cm in search of further sensitivity. At the same time, by reviewing each part and carbon material, you can experience the lightness when you hold it in your hand and improve the operability. This makes it possible to obtain accurate information even when it is necessary to assemble delicate fishing in tough conditions, and not only fishing that matches with Makie, but also Atari that has low activity in the cold season You can catch it in the department. On the other hand, while inheriting the aggressive tone to take the initiative, the overall balance has been reviewed so that the rod does not feel tense even if the total length is shortened, and the best setting that makes the most of the stickiness is applied. In the competition, it also responds well to situations where the number of Harris is reduced to the limit, and it also covers mistakes. Furthermore, by increasing the "AGS" at the tip, the play of the line between the guides is suppressed compared to the conventional model, so you can operate it without trouble even with the fishing method using the popular PE line. It is a rod that can be attacked with ideal operability and comfort. It will be an indispensable companion for the Masters in the future.



Lightness and sensitivity "AGS"
■ Evolution by AGS TYPE-0 (Zero) -Takashi Tanaka-The

newly installed "AGS" TYPE-0 (Zero) is a guide system that can be used just like STRESS "0". I often attack with the so-called "zero fishing method" that adapts light gimmicks to the tide, but this fishing method has the weakness of being susceptible to line resistance. Specifically, if you pull the line even a little, the mechanism will come up or give unnatural movement to the food. However, the line emission of this "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) is extremely smooth due to the zero-shaped ring. As a result, the line comes out with a light tension, so you can handle the flowing motion more naturally. In addition, when feeding is swarming at a short distance, it is necessary to cast a long distance and set a mechanism there and let it flow, but even in such a situation, the line release of "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) It is easy and light to suppress the blurring of the tip, and the line can be sent out accurately. In addition, since it inherits the excellent ability to avoid troubles caused by thread entanglement, it is comfortable to use the PE line, which has recently begun to be used, as if it were STRESS “0”.

■ TYPE-0 (zero) opens up the world of STRESS “0”.

The evolution of "AGS", which has been pursuing lightness and sensitivity, will not stop. The epoch-making "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) that will appear in 2020 realizes smoother line emission performance by installing a zero-shaped ring. In addition, by setting the guide itself at an appropriate inclination angle, the thread entanglement suppression performance is greatly improved. "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) opens up a new world of STRESS "0".
image ■ "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero)

The projected area of ​​the guide is greatly expanded by making the high-strength ceramic N ring into a 0 (zero) shape.

image ■ The 0 (zero) shape ring improves line emission up to about 150%.

"AGS" TYPE-0 (zero) is the most advanced guide system for rock rods. Daiwa has developed a high-strength ceramic N-ring molded into a 0 (zero) shape to maintain its lightness and significantly expand the inner area of ​​the guide ring. Achieved excellent line emission. In addition, the shape-up carbon frame holds the 0 (zero) shape ring at the optimum angle and greatly suppresses thread entanglement. Achieved weight reduction of the tip and reduced blurring. STRESS''0''-like line mending is possible. 


Compared to the conventional product, TYPE-0 (zero) has a significantly larger inner area, which makes it difficult for the line to hit the upper surface of the guide ring and greatly reduces frictional resistance.

■ Guide shape that makes it difficult for threads to get entangled The
guide frame uses a forward tilt type, and the resin part (original part) that supports the frame is rounded to pursue a shape that makes it difficult for threads to get entangled.

1. 1. Thread entanglement that occurs unexpectedly in strong winds
2. The new shape adopted for "AGS" will let the line escape
3. 3. Tangled lines are released without being tied

(Red line: Line through the guide Blue line: Road thread part from the top guide)

■ "SMT" + "AGS" All are competition specifications for winning
. Hybrid tip "SMT" (super metal top) composed of superelastic titanium alloy at the tip and carbon tubular that supports it. Compared to the standard model equipped with a carbon solid mega top, the competition model equipped with "SMT" has a tough blank that catches the fish, super-sensitive hand sensitivity, and a tip diameter of 0.6 mm that carbon solid cannot achieve. A special model with the characteristics of a flexible metal solid. In combination with "AGS" TYPE-0 (zero), you can use the tension of the entire rod to quickly float the fish.
image ■ ESS (Expert Sense Simulation = Sensitivity Area Design System) A
high-dimensional design system that quantifies the sensibilities of experts and creates rods as intended. Factors that had to be evaluated by the angler's sensibility, such as swinging feeling and stickiness, are analyzed as a numerical value called "strain energy" to achieve the ideal tone.
image ■ SVF Nano Plus
Rod In the carbon sheet that most affects the performance, ultra-high density SVF carbon that realizes weight reduction, power up and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber is even higher with Nano Plus. Performance improvement. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa's unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter blanks.
Reinforcement structure with 4 layers of X45 carbon cloth with fiber directions of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal x 2. Demonstrates outstanding strength against twisting as well as bending and swaying of the rod. By appropriately adopting it at the required location, the uniformity of bending is improved and the load is prevented from concentrating on a specific location.
image ■ V-JOINT α [V-Joint Alpha]
High-strength material including Nano Plus and Daiwa's original ultra-high precision rod design and manufacturing technology make it stronger, lighter and more beautiful than V-JOINT.
Megatop It is a carbon solid in which fibers and resin are uniformly dispersed, and shows the same bending in any direction of 360 °. Furthermore, the strength is dramatically improved compared to ordinary carbon solid. This makes it possible to make small-diameter, flexible, high-tapered tips. Not only the sensitivity that resonates with the hand (= hand sensitivity) peculiar to carbon material, but also the visual sensitivity (= eye sensitivity) that appears at the tip of the ear is greatly improved.
image ■ SMT [Super Metal Top] (* Installed only in competition models)
Super elastic titanium alloy SMT is supple and highly sensitive. Next-generation tips that convey Atari firmly both visually (eye sensitivity) and tactile (hand sensitivity). The tip, which produces high strength and high sensitivity with a tip diameter of 0.6 mm, which cannot be achieved with carbon solid, directly conveys information such as tide flow and bait condition to anglers.

image ■ AIR SENSOR SEAT [Air sensor sheet]
"Air sensor sheet" containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.

Item name Standard own weight
Total length
Number of joints Closed size
Tip diameter / base diameter
Weight load
Compatible line
1-53 ・ R 193 5.3 5.3 Five 115 0.75 / 18.1 1-3 0.8-3
1.25-50 ・ R 191 Five Five 110 0.75 / 18.1 1-4 1-3
1.25-53 ・ R 196 5.3 5.3 Five 115 0.75 / 18.1 1-4 1-3
1.5-50 ・ R 195 Five Five 110 0.75 / 18.1 1.5-4 1.2-4
1.5-53 ・ R 200 5.3 5.3 Five 115 0.75 / 18.1 1.5-4 1.2-4
1.75-50 ・ R 210 Five Five 110 0.75 / 18.1 1.5-5 1.7-4
1.75-53 ・ R 216 5.3 5.3 Five 116 0.75 / 18.1 1.5-5 1.7-4
2-50 ・ R 216 Five Five 110 0.8 / 18.1 2-6 2-5
2-53 ・ R 225 5.3 5.3 Five 117 0.8 / 18.1 2-6 2-5
Competition 1.25-51
200 5.1 Five 118 0.6 / 18.1 1-4 1-3
Competition 1.5-51
204 5.1 Five 118 0.6 / 18.1 1.5-4 1.2-4