Daiwa J Braid x4 Line PE 135m Yellow

$22.99 $24.99
By Daiwa

Whether you’re an ‘Urban Warrior’, or your battleground is the big blue. It’s just you against the fish – with bragging rights on the line, there’s no margin for compromise.

Introducing J-Braid 4 from Daiwa. Made in Japan. Soft. Supple. Strong.

Perfectly suited for spin and baitcaster reels, Daiwa’s new, super high visibility J-Braid 4 is ideal for the full spectrum of lure casting applications – from light tackle soft plastics through to Shoregame rock and beach fishing.

Every fishing warrior knows that supreme line management is critical for longer casts with less knots. J-Braid PE boasts all of that, with a smooth, round profile design, that wraps neatly and evenly onto the reel spool.

The casting distance of J-Braid is complemented by its thin diameter – but don’t be fooled! Despite being thin, J-Braid is strong! Available in 4lb – 80lb breaking strains, strength isn’t compromised and it displays ultimate abrasion resistance for your added confidence to fish it in even the heaviest structure.

Delivering strength and quality in perfect harmony, Daiwa J-Braid is designed to let you be a strong fighter.


  • 4 ply weave PE
  • Hi-vis Yellow
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Maximum casting distance
  • Low stretch
  • Round profile
Line Length (m) Diameter
J-BRAID YELLOW PE0.4 - 1.8kg/4lb 135/2700m 0.07mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE0.6 – 2.7kg/6lb 135/2700m 0.10 mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE1.0 – 3.8kg/8lb 135/2700m 0.13mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE1.5 - 4.8kg/10lb 135/2700m 0.17 mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE2.0 – 7kg/15lb 135/270/2700m 0.19mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE2.5 - 9.5kg/20lb 135/270/2700m 0.21mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE3 - 14kg/30lb 135/270/2700m 0.25 mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE4 - 19kg/40lb 270/2700m 0.29mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE5 - 23kg/50lb 270/2700m 0.33 mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE6 - 30kg/65lb 270/2700m 0.36mm
J-BRAID YELLOW PE8 - 38kg/80lb 270/2700m 0.42mm