Daiwa Light Rod Case (C) Wide

By Daiwa

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Necessary for protecting important rods from scratches and impacts. Built-in thick hard board that is resistant to impact on the entire circumference. Easy to clean with water and dirt resistant PVC material. An extensive lineup from length to width can accommodate all fishing rods.


  • High-rigidity body with a built-in hardboard on the fastener mounting surface
  • A wide type that can easily store lure rods with large guides is also available.
  • PVC surface material resistant to water and dirt
  • 2WAY specification of handle and removable shoulder belt
  • Hard bottom cup resistant to impact
  • Rod fixing belt with chloroprene patch
  • With interline wire pocket
  • Built-in separator / grip storage pocket for sorting contents (190P / 220P / 190PW only)
  • Material: PVC


Part number
Dimensions (cm)
weight (kg)
130PW (C) Approximately 17 x 11 x 130 2
155PW (C) Approximately 17 x 11 x 155 2.3
190PW (C) Approximately 17 x 11 x 190 2.7