DAIWA Porori Support Landing Net

By Daiwa

Landing net that catches fish brilliantly in the air and prevents them from falling\

Designed to safely land the fish with minimal effort for fish where the hook pulls easily or slips. When you take it in, you catch the fish brilliantly in the air, and if you remove the hook slowly in the net, you will not accidentally drop it. T the rubber net type is easy to wash and easy to clean. It is an item that is widely used mainly in light SW lure games such as ajing, bream and bass fishing. 

Specification details 

A strong draw cord is connected to the carabiner from the grip end, and it can be attached to bags, leg holsters, belt holes, etc.

EVA grip that is hard to slip even with wet hands.

The frame is engraved with the Daiwa logo.