Decoy Split Rings Heavy Duty

By Decoy

Decoy split rings heavy duty

Decoy has developed a special wire 'hypower stainless steel' for all its snaps and split rings. This material has properties that allow for super strength and gives longer lasting to its spring steel effect after constant use. 'Hypower' is the trade mark for Decoy snaps and split rings and allows Decoy to make #00 snap (8mm long) to a #11 split ring (300lb breaking strain).

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Made from forged hypower stainless steel and finished with an anti-corrosion finish to make it into a strong durable split ring. If you require a serious super strong ring, then you must try our Decoy heavy class. Available in sizes: #8 (150lb), #9 (200lb), #10 (250lb), #11 (300lb)