Delux Amigo Plus PE Braid Line 250m (Sale)

$69.00 $99.00
By Amigo

Premium class PE line by Delux amigo. Featuring a brilliant 8 ply braid construction for maximum smooth, strength and thinness, the Amigo plus is one of the top quality braids on the market. Specialised coating technology to ensure the durability of the braid and coating for the life of the use as well as extra abrasiveness. The fluorescent colour will also be retained during the use of the braid.

The special coating of the line also restricts water to the core of the braid creating a waterproof layer on top of the braid to keep performance at perfection. Amigo plus portrays superb casting abilities with minimal resistance and noise through the guides.

Supple, thin, strong and smooth.

Used and highly recommended by the team at Isofishinglifestyle for all purposes from extra light bream, whiting and bass fishing to eging, shore jigging and stick baiting for pelagics.

PE breaking strain diameter (mm)
0.3 10lb 0.09
0.5 12lb 0.11
0.8 16lb 0.15
1 20lb 0.17
1.5 25lb 0.2
2 30lb 0.23
3 44lb 0.285
4 50lb 0.33