Gamakatsu Denios


Gamaiso Denios

Birth of a new concept, "light body tone".


Draw out 

Fusion of knowledge of making rock rods and the latest materials ―

The traditional body condition that Gamakatsu has inherited after repeating field tests for many years. We came across the latest carbon material that balances the tone of the body with tension and stickiness. The crystal is Denios. While inheriting the body tone, Denios also has operability that seems to be the tone, such as transferring the gimmick to the target point and hanging the fish with a delicate Atari.

Next-generation body tone "light body tone" ―

By adopting "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" that can be made lighter because of its high strength over the rod tip, and by adopting a CIM guide (carbon resin guide) that is light and has a high rigidity at the tip of the rod, it is designed to be slender and thick. We have succeeded in eliminating the feeling of weight that is often associated with sticky rods. It is the birth of a completely new concept of light body tone. It is also ideal for competitions where it is a proposition to hang a precious fish in a bitter fishing situation and catch it surely.

A beautiful bend like a dress-

When you hang a fish, it quickly draws a beautiful arc with no corners like a one-piece rod, eliminates the swimming power to escape, and follows the SUPER ASD (active suspension design) that makes it easy to float the fish just by enduring it. In addition, since it uses a separate grip and a screw-type reel seat that can firmly fix the reel, it is possible to experience a different dimension of bending to the original rod. By bending it to the limit with courage, it is finished as a rod that demonstrates its true value.

No. 1 for delicate capture

It is the softest and most flexible in the series, so it is ideal for delicate fishing with a fine Harris. The proper size is 30-40 cm.

No. 1.25 standard

This is the standard model for fishing with a thick mouth, which is the standard for this series. It has both flexibility and tenacity, so it can be used in any field.

No. 1.5 Unexpected tail length

It is the best match for the unexpected situation where the power sprinter, Onaga Gure, eats even if you are aiming for Mouth Gure. It corresponds firmly by bending the body.

1.75 for large tail length

The target is a large tail length gray over 50 cm, but it is a multi-purpose model that can also be used for large-scale red sea bream fishing in the depths because it is in a tone that suppresses hitting.

No. 2 Dream big gray

A model that can catch the dream of 60 cm over tail length gray. It is characterized by the overwhelming restoring force created by turning back, bending and enduring as much as the fish pulls.

Hybrid setting Titanium frame + carbon frame (# 1 only)

By combining the carbon reinforced resin frame and SIC elliptical ring in # 1, the tip guide is made compact and significantly lighter while having a thread entanglement release function. High-strength titanium frame IM guide is used after # 2.

Screw reel seat
Uses a screw-type reel seat with rubber that is integrally molded with rubber. It is easy to grip and the reel can be firmly fixed. An original design with a chic design based on black and high grip.
Product specifications
Product name
Number of issues Standard total length
Desired main unit price
Standard own weight
Closed size
Material used
Moment Number of joints
Tip diameter
Weight load
Appropriate Harris
22137 1 5.0 75,000 210 110.0 C99.4 G 0.6 19.2 Five 0.75 1-3 1-3
22137 1 5.3 5.3 77,000 223 116.5 C99.5 G 0.5 22.6 Five 0.75 1-3 1-3
22138 1.25 5.0 76,000 217 110.0 C99.5 G 0.5 20.7 Five 0.75 1-4 1-3
22138 1.25 5.3 5.3 78,000 235 116.5 C99.5 G 0.5 24.9 Five 0.75 1-4 1-3
22139 1.5 5.0 77,000 227 110.0 C99.5 G 0.5 22.0 Five 0.75 1.5-4 1.25-4
22139 1.5 5.3 5.3 79,000 245 116.5 C99.5 G 0.5 26.3 Five 0.75 1.5-4 1.25-4
22140 1.75 5.0 78,000 237 111.0 C99.5 G 0.5 23.7 Five 0.8 2-5 1.5-4
22140 1.75 5.3 5.3 80,000 250 117.5 C99.5 G 0.5 27.3 Five 0.8 2-5 1.5-4
22141 2 5.0 79,000 243 111.0 C99.5 G 0.5 25.0 Five 0.8 2-5 1.5-5
22141 2 5.3 5.3 81,000 253 117.5 C99.5 G 0.5 28.1 Five 0.8 2-5 1.5-5