Hapyson Jigging Line Twister YH-718

By Hapyson

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Line Twister for Jigging

YH-718 Operated with Alkaline battery
LR03(AAA) x 2pcs
Batteries sold separately

Designed for the thick lines which are for Deep sea fish, Bottom fish, Tuna casting game, etc.
Easy and speedy to tie the line and the leader together for MID knot making.

  • Designed for PE line 2号(20lb)~10号(100lb), Leader 8号(35lb)~50号(150lb).
  • Easy and speedy to twist the line around the leader.
  • Can make stable knot strength with less variation of the line twisting.
  • [Battery Life] Approx. 500times with Alkaline batteries
  • [Compatible Line]PE Line 2号(20lb)~10号(100lb)
  • Leader 8号 (35lb) ~50号(150lb)
  • [Dimensions] Approx. 65mm x 115mm x 28mm
  • [Weight] Approx. 115g included batteries
How to Use The Line Twister
イメージ画像(1) Insert the line into the right side of the orange divider on the top insert point. Keep the line about 4 inches out of the twister. イメージ画像(2) Insert the leader into the left side of orange divider on the top insert point. Keep the leader about 2 inches out of the twister. Insert the leader into the bottom insert point. Make sure that the line and the leader are inserted into the proper insert points and the leader is stretched tightly. イメージ画像(3) Pull the line lightly in the opposite direction of the twister and turn on the switch. イメージ画像(4) Twist the line down about 15 - 20 times. イメージ画像(5) After 15 - 20 times, point the line upwards, twist the line another 15 - 20 times and release the switch coming to the first position.
イメージ画像(6) Remove the leader from the bottom insert point and pull down about a half an inch, set the leader back into the bottom insert point. イメージ画像(7) Remove the PE line from the top insert point and insert the rod side of the PE line into the top insert point. イメージ画像(8) Hold the line down with your thumb and tie the line and leader together with a half hitch knot by hand. Repeat the same action about 5 - 7 times. イメージ画像(9) Remove the line and the leader from the insert points. Pull the line and the leader strongly on both sides to tighten the knot. イメージ画像(10) To complete MID knot, tie the line tip and the rod side of line together with a half hitch knot 4 to 5 times and lastly an end knot. The finish process is to cut any excess from the line and the leader.
イメージ画像(11) The MID knot is completed state.

<Knot Strength and Advantage by Line Twister>
MID knot is the tying system of line and leader together which tighten by friction and it becomes the main knot system especially for saltwater jigging. Reliable tying of line and leader is surely necessary to fight with big target. The line twister is electricizing winding process of the line to the leader and can realize high degree of completion with less variation.

※The knotting process after twisting the line around the leader isn't motorized. It's required knotting by hand.

※Batteries almost consumed may not work at low-speed mode of YH-717P.