Kumho Xtra Strong Gang Hooks

By Kumho

Kumho Xtra Strong Gang Hooks

Forged Xtra strong heavy duty O'Shaugnessy black nickel hook.

There is a size to suit any bait from Small whitebait upto large pilchards and Strip baits.

The hooks are straight set perfectly suited trolling for Pelagics.

Power point Technology

5 sets per packet

Made in Korea, designed in Australia

Code Description Approx Length Qty Per Pkt
Kumho Gang Hook sizes
KHGH042HK 2 Hooks x Size #4 52mm 5 sets
KHGH043HK 3 Hooks x Size #4 75mm 5 sets
KHGH2/03HK 3 Hooks x Size 2/0 115mm 5 sets
KHGH3/03HK 3 Hooks x Size 3/0 126mm 5 sets
KHGH4/03HK 3 Hooks x Size 4/0 136mm 5 sets
KHGH5/03HK 3 Hooks x Size 5/0 152mm 5 sets
KHGH6/03HK 3 Hooks x Size 6/0 165mm 5 sets