2020 Livre X Squid Mania Custom Balancer (Outside Model - Long)

By Livre

A limited edition Livre X Squid Mania custom balancer can be attached to the reel for the purpose of being of control the centre of gravity for the reel. It is a counter weight for the handle weight which leads to better balance and less wobble.

The Luvre Custom Balancer comes with 5 weights and a spring which can be used to adjust the balance of the reel based on how you place them inside the balancer as shown in the photo.

Number of Weights Spring Weight Direction Weight (g)
5 short Outside reel 19.2
4 long Outside reel 17.1
3 long Outside reel 15.1
2 long Outside reel 13.1
1 long Outside reel 11
0 None - 8.7
1 long Inside of reel 11
2 long Inside of reel 13.1
3 long Inside of reel 15.1
4 long Inside of reel 17.1


Compatible Models
Shimano · Daiwa common C1 type, Shimano 2000 ~ 4000, Daiwa 1003 ~ 3012