Magbite Booty Shake MBW05 2 inch



Fall 2018, new color appearance.

"One wave generates two kinds of waves" Booty shake characterized by W action tail.

The reef at the front of the tail grabs a large amount of water and guides the horse mackerel that is far away.

The pintails at the rear generate ultra-fine waves that upset the horse mackerel.

In addition, Geek Crack "SAF Material" is adopted for the material.

I was stuck to the limit such as the amount of softness and lame.

Furthermore, we bring horse mackerel to bait without hesitation with [salt + amino acid + strong shrimp garlic formula formula].

It is a different worm that combines "appeal" and "lease" with just one!


Spot light

A mysterious temptation that glows sparsely.

As in conventional glow worms, the entire body does not glow, but the scattered glow flakes emit light at points to produce a more natural “magical temptation” while firmly promoting the presence to the fish You


  • 1.4"
  • 2"
  • 2.5"

Colours (2inch):

  • 01: Clear Laces
  • 02: Clear Rainbow Lame
  • 03: UV Clear Acolor 
  • 04: Clear Krill
  • 05: UV Clear chart
  • 06: UV Clear pink
  • 07: Krill Glow
  • 08: Pearl White
  • NEW 012 Clear Roller
  • NEW 013 Shirasu Grorame
  • NEW 014: Prawn grapple