Majorcraft Jigpara Slow - 50g


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Jigpara slow



Live bait colour is now available at JIGPARA-SLOW


Size: 10g / 15g / 20g / 30g / 40g / 50g / 60g 
Colour: 13 colours each 


Blue fish, sea bass, flat, root fish, black sea bream, sea bass, cutlass fish

A slow silhouette with a feeling of heating in recent years, a twin assist on the front, and a single assist on the rear.
A high-appeal design with a firm water push that creates a fine-pitch fluttering fallen leaf fall and suppresses weight.
The weight setting, which is slightly more rear than normal, provides a stable flight attitude and a longer flight distance than you can imagine.
The slow game live bait is a brilliant temptation Keimura specification! !!
Live bait color converted from real fish is just raw bait! Atari continues even during times when it is difficult to eat. Since it is a metal jig that aims at the center of the bottom, Keimura coating is used to increase the appeal even around the bottom where sunlight is difficult to reach. Recommended for shore throw games from the shore and SLJ on the offshore.