MC Works Raging Bull RB104XF-2 (Shore Casting Rod)


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"One of the best shore casting rods in the world"


MC works need no introduction and are known world wide for their excellence in custom rod building. All exclusively hand made and built in limited numbers, the MC Works rod range are one of the most sought rods out in the world for professional shore casting anglers. 


The MC Works Raging Bull XF-2, a heavier model of the XF-1 is a fine tuned shore casting rod for top water fishing with stick bait and hard body lures with a fast taper top and a powerful butt section to help steer large fish away from the rocks. 

Soft tip & hard bat special that further expanded the characteristics of XF-1.
It is a heavy rod with individuality that can be said to be the only one that does not exist in the existing Heavy Shore game rod. It is a solution of the thesis that had traditionally been a challenge to drag big things with small plugs and dead actions. For that reason, it is necessary to gather the tip and bat with difference in strength without collapse, and we test and try at long distance islands, remote islands and determine the proper vent curve ratio. For this reason, despite the first taper design that tends to be inverted, it is easy to fight, and the target control has been successfully put together in an excellent rod.

Titan hybrid K-guide spec.

Model Length Line Max Lure Weight Max Drag Guide Type
RB100XF-1 10' PE4 - PE6 40g - 140g 9kg Fuji Titanium  hybrid K Guides  Spinning