2019 MC Works Dual Edge 596LR Blue (Jigging Rod)


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The latest 2019 addition to the infamous MC WORKS DUAL EDGE jigging series, the 596LR (PE5~8) is the most powerful rod in their range every built. With the popularity of the SB series, the new 2019 Dual Edge 596LR features a low response system which is easy to control, but powerful to stop large fish with a drag max of 15kg. The rod is comparable to the Southern Blue SB566 DR. 

Designed after feeling the need to build a jigging rod which had a thin blank, light, soft at the top and have a strong backbone. The real fusion was a successful jigging model from MC WORKS, but the rod was bending too much when encountered with larger fish making it difficult to steer those larger fish. Due to the nature of jigging, we cannot choose which fish to hook when fishing. The Dual Edge was designed with a means to counter this problem.

The Dual Edge as the name suggests has both ends of what anglers who jig. A soft tip with a smooth parabolic bend with a powerful butt section of the rod, it is the ultimate weapon when jigging. The centre of gravity was also pushed back towards the reel seat making the rod feel light in the hands of the angler. The grip has also been redesigned so this section doesn't bend too much, preventing the epoxy mix from cracking. 



LENGTH 5'9 ”


LINE PE # 5-8

Drag Max 15kg 

 *Please note that photos are just for reference.