Palms Lake Shore Slow microjig 10g

By Palms

Shoreslow ® ️️ has accumulated numerous achievements in the saltwater game scene. The game style that allows you to aim for a variety of fish species beyond the boundaries of the target will finally demonstrate its abilities even in the fresh water scene. The Lake shore slow has been designed for freshwater use, but works just as well in saltwater areas. 

Slow and fascinating. Dimple-shaped crater.

Built with the Z light metal material (zinc), it appeals to the fussy targets eating habits with a slower fall action designed from the zinc material. In addition, by arranging the dimples on the surface of the body, an even slower sink rate has been achieved and at the same time, a complicated flashing action is exhibited. In the tension fall, it creates more appeal and in the free fall the lure displays a dynamic zigzag trajectory. 

The double assist at the front and single hook at the back maximises hook rate whilst reducing snagging. 

A versatile model that can be used in the shallows, weak current or situations when the fish are fussy.