Ripple Fisher Big Tuna 76 Japan Special



The 7ft6 model is made with the intent of targeting Bluefin Tuna over 200kg. This rod is able to cast and operate stickbaits of about 60g. This model is for anglers with their signs on Bluefin tuna weighing over 200kg. Similar to the 73, the 76 is capable of not only casting large lures mostly used when the targets are feeding on dolphin fish, but also allows anglers to cast lures and control the lighter (60g) sinking pencils for smaller baits. The difference between the 73 & 76 is the contrast in fighting styles. While possessing plenty of power in the butt section, you can constantly apply pressure on the fish due to the drastically reduced load on the angler by bringing the bend of the rod closer to the angler, allowing for a prolonged fight. 


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
7 ft 6 in  398 g 2 pcs / grip joint 60 ~ 180g PE 8 to 12 Regular Fast


Compatible reels: 

  • Shimano 18000 ~ 30000
  • Daiwa 6500 ~ 8000

Grip length:

  • 838mm (total grip length)
  • 520mm (from grip end to reel butt)

Blank tip diameter:

  • 3.0 mm

Reel seat:

  • DPS 20 (Fuji) down lock
  • Grip end BRC 22*

* The grip end is standard specification BRC 22.0 is installed, but the grip end is attached to the fishing rod body It is possible to change to aluminum gimbal as desired.