Ripple Fisher Land Base Fishing Bag


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LAND BASE FISHING BAG is a rod bag for rock shore games. It has sufficient strength to withstand hard use when when boarding a ferry. It can store 3 to 4 rods with a closed size up to 1900 mm. (Example of Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed Final Standup, etc.) The inside is also equipped with a long pocket that can store sub-rods such as Ripple Fisher's RF landing shaft, etc.) and eging rod. In addition to a grip handle and a shoulder strap that are convenient for handing over and moving luggage, there is also an external pocket and a fixing belt that allows you to fix the handle to the rod bag while wearing a gaff or net when changing. It is packed with external pockets that take into consideration the use of RF multi-shafts and specifications that are convenient for expeditions. It is a rod bag that is ideal for packing and protecting not only shore but also offshore casting models, and is useful in various situations.

◆About the attached stainless steel nameplate

The land base fishing bag comes with a rust-resistant stainless steel SUS316L nameplate that you can laser engrave. 

RF Land Base Fishing Bag
● Outer dimensions: Overall length 1940 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm
● Own weight: 2430 g
● Storage guide: Up to products with closed dimensions 1900 mm
(3-4 blue rods + 1 tamo handle or 1 light game rod in the inner pocket)
● Nameplate material: Stainless steel SUS316L