Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Power Fight GT711 Nano


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The Ripple fisher Oceanridge PowerFight GT711 nano utilises Toray's NANO ALLOY technology to improve sensitivity and tension in the blank with a crisp action. The GT711 model is a specialist model perfect for anglers who want to push the skills to the limit with a rod that will portray the anglers techniques whilst swimming the lure and fighting the fish. 
The PowerFight711 model has been designed for anglers who want to tackle large fish from heavy terrain or strong currents. The rod has superior lifting power to control big fish with enough backbone to naturally lift a 50kg GT to the surface of the water. 
※ Old model name F - STICK GT 711 PowerFight. Notation name and notation of the rod butt part It is only change of design.
Target Rowiniaji
Lure Small to Large Popper Diving Pencil
specification SiC Ocean Guide Specification (Fuji) / Nano Alloy ® Technology Adopted Blank
Recommended Anglers weight 70 kg ~


Length: 7"11' (1682mm)

Weight: 375 grams

Pieces: 2 pieces (butt joint)

Lure max: 210g 

PE line: Max PE10 

Action: Regular 

◎ Appropriate Reel Estimate · S: 18000 / D: 6500 

  • Grip Length / 814 mm (Grip Overall Length) · 504 
  • mm ( from Grip End to Reel Foot) 
  • Blank Diameter / 3.8 mm (directly below the top guide) ·
  • Blank Original Dia / 14.9 mm Diameter is the outside diameter of the fishing rod main body of 880 mm from the butt end ) 
  • Reel seat / DPS 20 (Fuji) Uplock  grip end / BRC specification