Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 100SHH Limited


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 Ripple Fisher RunnerExceed 100SHH Limited


Runner Exceed 100 SHH / LIMITED is a limited production model to be released in the Autumn of 2018.

It is a tuned model developed for the angler who challenges the target of the monster class, and by combining two kinds of high elasticity materials of different characteristics, it is possible to combine lightweight · high repulsion and high speed restoration characteristics absorbing the impact I am making it stand. 

The rod potential holds Shore GT as much power as you can aim at even from a wave or even from the island, while the lift force that supports the lightness of the cast feel and the angler is exactly the performance of the new dimension. The recommended target is a large blue / GT from Shore, which is one you would like us to get in the situation and field that is severe with normal blue rods. For example, Kanpachi games at rough rocky places, shallow areas where large hiramasa comes in, etc. will surely become a great force in situations where impossibility must be passed. 

The sense of use is the sense of the Blue Rod H class to the last, the potential is the power of the XH class, which it aimed at 100 SHH / LIMITED.

The whole rod has tightness to the tip, and when casting it can be pleasantly expelled using the repulsion of the panning and blank. Although the casting & operation of the 150 g large lure is also good, as much as 40 g of the lure as a rod for the blue stuff is put on the blank without stress and it is finished easily for casting. Of course, because it is a strong blast, the jig operation compatibility is outstanding. In addition, while fighting, while showing stickiness, if it is about 10 kg of blue matter with a tough lift power at high speed, a fierce fight can be also possible. 

100 SHH / LIMITED is easier to bend down to the butt than the final stand-up SXH, and it can be used even with the sense of H class of regular Kingfish rods because the burden of the angler is small. It is one that I pursued the possibility of highly elastic carbon which can be recommended as one for Shore GT for the first time as a large-sized green article.


Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
10 ft (Dimensions of 1579 mm) 405 g 2 pcs / indicator duel MAX 150 g MAX Pe 8 Regular


  • Appropriate reel size · S: 14000 ~ 18000 / D: 5500 ~ 6500 
  • Grip overall length - 848 mm / Approximate length from grip end to reel foot -518mm
  • Blank tip diameter / 3 mm (directly below the top guide) · Blank original diameter / 18.2 mm (just above the grip) 
  • reel seat / DPS 22 (Fuji) down lock 
  • grip end / BRC 22