Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 104H Nano Plug Model


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Ripple Fisher RunnerExceed 104H Nano Plug Model


A dedicated for shore anglers looking for topwater shore casting rod suitable for stickbaits and sinking pencils. The goal was to achieve a rod that is easy to manoeuvre, improved casting distance and power to control larger kingfish.

The emphasis on the rod to built a soft tip that is easy to control floating stickbaits and prevent the lure from skipping out of the water whilst allowing for accurate lure operation by the angler to maximise the action of the lure. The power was built to control and steer larger fish away from the rods whilst reducing hook pulls. Compared to the 103H, the 104H has more elasticity in the blank with  reduced stiffness through the middle of the rod to be able to increase the angle of the rod during the fight compared to the 103H.

The blank has been built with Toray's Nanoalloy technology for a smooth curve, lightness and strength. Controlling the rod under high tension is simple with the 104H being a forgiving rod during tough battles. Built with the intention to reduce fatigue after endless hours of casting with a light blank and high elasticity to pursue a smooth, effortless cast. 







10ft 4in (Folded length 1610mm)


2 pcs

Plug 40g~120g

PE 4~6

Regular Fast

  • Appropriate Reel Estimate · Shimano: 8000 ~ 14000 / Daiwa: 4500 ~ 6000 
  • Grip Length/764 mm (Grip Overall Length) · 529mm ( from Grip End to Reel Seat) 
  • Blank Diameter/2.5 mm (directly below the top guide)
  • Blank original diameter/16 mm (just above the grip) 
  • Reel seat / DPS 20 (Fuji) 
  • Uplock grip end / BRC 22