Ripple Fisher Ultimo 83M Nano


Ripple Fisher Ultimo 83M Nano

A medium-sized ship Miyoshi and a large-sized ship with a high scaffolding to maintain flight distance and operability Lightweight and balanced one. A model that can withstand stable casting performance and lift power relatively easily to anyone even on an unstable deck. A supple but sharp casting feeling is unique in Ultimo. Combined with "Nano", it is more comfortable sharply! And strongly! We set the bend transition somewhat mild compared to the conventional 83M, so that you can enjoy with various fields and fish species including Hiramasa · 50 kilometers tuna etc, not limited to GT.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
8 ft 3 in (Dimensions 1835 mm) 362 g 2 pcs / grip joint MAX 160 g MAX PE 7 Regular Fast


Recommended Reel Size

Shimano: 10000 ~ 18000/Daiwa: 5000 ~ 6500