Shout Curve Point Treble Hook 31

By Shout

An ideal treble hook for all topwater anglers using poppers and stickbaits seeking a hook with an excellent penetration rate that will increase hook up rates due to the curve point structure on the Shout curve point 31 trebles featuring the Nemuri shape. Once the hook pierces through the jaw it will provide a secure hook up. Featuring an ultra sharp point and highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment ARS (Anti Rust System) proving to be a durable hook that is highly prone to getting rusted. The curve point design also reduces the hook rash on lures whilst fishing. 

Excellent for species such as tuna, kingfish, GT etc. 

Size Gape Qty (Per Pack)  Weight (grams)
1/0 12mm 6 pieces 4.1g
2/0 13.5mm 5 pieces 5.1g
3/0 15.5mm 6 pieces 6.4g
4/0 17mm 5 pieces 8.6g
5/0 20mm 4 pieces 9.7g
6/0 22mm 3 pieces 13g
7/0 24mm 3 pieces 16.2g