Shout Single Kudako Assist Hook

By Shout

Shout Single Kudako - Inline Assist hook for Topwater lures

The Shout Single Kudako is designed as an extra-short inline assist hook for poppers and stickbaits. The solid ring run in line with the lure, making them ideal for rigging lures with vertical eyelets . The Kudako hook is well respected and one of the strongest hooks available on the market today.

These hooks are perfect for chasing larger fish, where strength and flexibility is important to prevent pulled and straightened hooks.

General Guide: Use 3 sizes up from recommended treble hook.

(E.g. A lure is recommended 3/0 trebles, use 6/0 Single Kudakos)


Size Weight PE Strength Quantity
1/0 1.5g 200lb 4
2/0 2.0g 200lb 4
3/0 2.5g 200lb 4
4/0 3.3g 300lb 4
5/0 4.4g 300lb 3
6/0 7.2g 300lb 2
7/0 9.4g 300lb 2
8/0 12.2g 300lb 2
9/0 14.0g 300lb 2