Siyouei 670-4 Spare Net M #16 (Blue)

By Siyouei

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Siyouei 670-4 SPARE NET M #16 BLUE features:

●A two-step net with 15mm x 10mm meshes where a treble hook is easy to remove when stuck on the net and reduces fish fins from getting stuck which may cause damage.  

● By designing the best mesh, the net keeps open during landing and reduces hooks getting stuck during landing.
●Made with 60lb nylon line for extra large fish 
●This landing net has been reexamined from the ground up as a net exclusively for saltwater games.

*Frames are sold separately. (SIYOUEI 491-1 LANDING FRAME Ver II M BLUE)



■ Size: M 
■ Colour: Blue
■ Standard: 60 lb nylon line · 10 × 15 mm eye / 60 cm in depth