Studio Ocean Mark 2017 OGM Blue Haven S2T Slow Tuned L50Hi/L (Left Hand) Limited Edition


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Studio Ocean Mark 17 OGM Blue Haven S2T Slow tuned L50Hi/L - Limited edition

This Reel is made from the finest materials to ensure a gracious balance of size, weight and power. The multitude of features this reel exhibits guarantees the highest of quality when it comes to Slow Pitch Jigging as each feature has been dealt with special consideration to work in impeccable unison with another to maximise your fishing experience. The limited edition S2T features various new additions from the OTA Ward TOKYO JAPAN.

  • Titanium Spool shaft
  • Titanium Handle shaft
  • Titanium Knob shaft
  • First class gearing
  • Reduced weight
  • Specially tuned for Slow Pitch Jigging
  • Lighter, more sensitive, stronger




By attaching a clip to the OK75 in the designed location, you may safely attach the knotter to the foot of your line guide, the revit on your rods handle or an anchoring hole located on your boat. This will assist you in tying the FG knot!


There are two economizers included with the reel. They are made from nylon resin and glass fiber. 
You can hold 300m of PE#4 and 300m of #3exactly, and when you go on an expedition, simply remove the economizer and you can hold an additional 100m of #4 or an additional 300m of #3 PE line, which will allow you to fish a little bit harder than with the economizer attached.

Lighter weight, higher sensitivity and higher strength

The idea of ​​Daejeon garage incorporates individual parts material and shape, linking weight reduction, sensitivity increase and strengthening. 
As a result, various performance information transmitted from the line is conveyed without attenuation without stagnating from the spool to the handle knob. 
You can experience the highest sensitivity of Blue Haven history.



● 64Ti parts

In addition to the high heat storage property during machining peculiar to titanium, the 64 Ti alloy is difficult to cut, so it is rarely used for reels in general, but it is the most symbolic part of the Daejeon garage model. 
By adopting this part freely in the handle shaft, the spool shaft, the handle rivet, it brings overwhelming weight saving, sensitivity improvement, strength rise.

● Gear Box Design
Although it is a gear box of the same design as at first glance, the part surrounding the main shaft by adopting tough bearing material is a dedicated design with increased wall thickness. 
OGM Blue Haven is the strength of the body stiffness that is known at the moment of rolling. It is the result of the strength design which was built while verifying and supporting each part which is difficult to see in the field test.


● Blanking frame

I boldly scraped the pearing side of the frame whose strength was upgraded by the new bridge shape. In a slow pitch jerk with lots of bare handing paraming, I tried several cuts that would not cause stress during fishing. 
The avant - garde frame design that brought about a significant reduction in weight has clearly different side effects of sensitivity improvement from the previous generation.


● All Carbon Arm + Kolknob

We installed a cork knob on a lightweight high sensitivity arm laminated 30 ton carbon. It is lighter and more sensitive than EVA, the knob cap is a special setting aimed at improving the sensitivity as well as weight saving with the end part released shape.



S2T of the stainless gear second model was pursued a balance between durability and quietness, was a drive gear using high-strength brass material, but this time we adopted stainless steel material with high material hardness in search of higher sensitivity .

Upgrading S2T / PSG function


● L type lever

Drag lever operation becomes possible on the palsing side during fighting. 
The merit of being able to keep hands to reel from the steering wheel is to make it possible for the first fight that is not in the idea of ​​the conventional bait reel.

● Lever Brake System
The secret technique of only the top angler controls the jig's fall speed. In the predecessor S2T, the brake was controlled by backing the lever from the free position, but this time the FREE position ~ MIN position wider the movable range than the normal model. This is a cam setting which made delicate brake control possible just before the MIN position where the drag washer and the disc are in contact. This cam setting puts in hooking quickly by leaving the lever as it is when the cutting tool comes out.

● Lead Design 

Fishing ideas are also included in edge processing of frames and gear boxes. By changing the edge processing of the drag lever movable range, you can recognize the position of the finger that operates the lever and check the position of the drag lever with the no-lock.


● Aging cork washer

We polished one side of the cork washer with large irregularities on the surface by hand and finished it into a uniform smooth surface. 
In the slow pitch jerk which uses 1 to 3 kg many times, it reduces the stick-slip feeling which was also the weak point of the cork washer at low tension.

● It
is a 64Ti material that brings various benefits on the smooth success of lever operation, but the material hardness is worse on the spool shaft, and "spot" with the spool bearing can not be avoided. 
We applied a special surface lubrication treatment to the spool shaft to reduce friction in the motorcycle racing scene. 
The texture of the lever operation is improved as well as the reliable spool slide.

● AE 85/100 Cork
Knob An AE knob that became a benchmark in the slow pitch jerk no longer. It adopts high quality cork of 4A grade this time, and comfortable fishing is possible even with deep range always with dry tactile feeling of course not only improvement of sensitivity. 
For the Hi-S2T, AE85 knob of the standard size, Pw-PSG assumed the deep capture / big game and wore the AE100.


Model Gear Ratio Drag max Bearings Weight Line capacity
L50Hi/L S2T 6.3:1 (110cm) 9kg 10 472g PE No. 
4 - 450 (300) m PE 3 - 650 (400) m 
PE 2 - 1000 m PE 
1.5 - 1200 m 
* In parentheses 
when using an economizer