Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Twin Assist Hook


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Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Twin Assist Hook  are designed for GT fishing. Hooks are rigged so that the two hooks will be facing each other, and staying that way during the cast and retrieval.  
Anglers often prefer to replace treble hooks on the plugs with single hooks for various reasons; for the safety of the angler or the fish, or to prevent the loss of the fish.
Many of the plugs are designed for treble hooks to be used. When switching to single hooks, it sometimes forces anglers to choose the bigger, heavier hooks than necessary to properly swim the plug. With the double hook method, it's less problematic.
The hooks gets tucked under the plugs during the cast, and gets less wind resistance. Thus, gets good distance. 
The hooks gets less resistance from the water during the retrieve of the plugs, compared with trebles.
Compared to rigging with single hooks only, double hooks have better chance of hooking the fish for increased number of hook points. Once the fish is hooked, the hook fights the fish like single hook. 
For hooks, Vanfook's heavy duty hooks, Beast Edge BG86, are used. For the assist cord, YGK Yoz-Ami's Sea Hunter is used. The solid rings that comes with the hooks are SOM's own solid rings. 

Product name


OceanTWIN BG 86 - 7/0 - 05

About 22.7 g (2 sets)

OceanTWIN BG 86 - 6/0 - 05

About 13.7 g (2 sets)

OceanTWIN BG 86-5 / 0 - 05

Approximately 10.0 g (2 sets)

OceanTWIN BG 86-4 / 0 - 05

Approximately 8.7 g (2 sets)

***Lure not included***