Sunline Muslard II Nylon Monafilament Line

By Sunline

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The surface of the line should be made hydrophilic in order to prevent a strong wind from catching the line, but there is a problem that the line is too sticky to stick to the rod and the line maintenance becomes impossible.If the water repellency is strong, the situation is reversed.
This contradictory characteristic is unified. We've reached the forefront of P-Ion's technology, which combines surface modification to water repellency and hydrophilicity, so that we can overcome situations where strong winds have caught the line and missed the trickery course.
The high level H.M.W (high molecular weight nylon) boasts a high level of straightness and knotting.Although it is a hard and hard-to-extend thread that is easy to manipulate, the fish-pulling is distributed at a high energy value after hanging it.
(Colour: Pink/150m)

Spool No. 1.35 (5.4lb) 1.5 (6lb) 1.75 (7lb) 2 (8lb) 2.5 (10lb) 3 (12lb) 4 (16lb) 5 (20lb) 6 (24lb)
150m  Diameter 0.195 0.205 0.220 0.235 0.26 0.285 0.330 0.370 0.405