Tsuriken R-G+LC Float


Ultra" regular model with excellent visibility and biting performance

  • ■ BMR top and bottom φ2
  • ■ Damper coating

Once in, it is hard to lift! Top shape with extremely low biting resistance

The top shape with the shoulders exerts the effect of "holding" once it enters the water, and weakens the power to rise. This is especially effective when you don't want to put extra load on the fish, such as when biting or sinking.


Corresponds to all fishing methods of Fukase fishing! High versatility

It is an all-round model that can be used for all kinds of fishing tricks, such as whether it is used alone or not, with or without a backstop, and with underwater backdrops.


Original color with high visibility

Scarlet color is widely colored to the center of the main unit. Coloring that emphasizes high visibility regardless of the weather or the height of the scaffold.


buoyancy Weight
JAN code Hole diameter Diameter
maximum outer diameter × total length

No. 00 9.8 184392 Φ2 24 × 35
No. 0


G2 9.2 184415
B 9.0 184422
2B 8.8 184439
3B 8.6 184446
5B 7.8 184453