TSURIKEN Split Shots


Since the line passes through the center of the main body, thread entanglement at the time of insertion is drastically reduced!

Unlike a normal gun ball, the line passes through the slit in the center of the main body freely. Since the gun ball body does not shake when thrown in, unintended entanglement is drastically reduced. It is also useful when you do not want to directly convey the weight of the weight to the fish, such as when eating is astringent.

Rear V-shaped groove for smoother attachment and detachment

Equipped with a V-shaped groove on the opposite side of the line split to enable quicker attachment and detachment with minimal force. It is also useful during the winter when your hands are biting.

14 sizes from G7 that can be used with mouth weights to No. 3 that aims at deep fields

From the extremely small size set on Harris as a mouth weight to the large weight for deep-field aiming. A lineup that covers most of the issues required for Fukase.

Depending on the idea, it can be applied in various scenes other than Ukifukase

Once attached, you can use it in the same way as a normal weight.