Tsuriken T-Lancer iso stem float


Super-evolved sensitivity and visibility.
This is the next generation of self-supporting sticks!

  • ■NT-TOP compatible
  • ■Not compatible with old T-TOP

Slim shape for even higher sensitivity

We have reviewed the main body design from the beginning and made it a new form that pursues to reduce the resistance at the time of entry to the water without impairing the castability. It is suitable to be called the next-generation stick-uki, because of the blurring at the time of throwing in and the ability to follow small atari.

The impact resistance of the top is greatly improved! Newly designed "T-Connect" system adopted

Breaking of the top, which is a weak point of sticks. In order to reduce this, we have adopted a new structure "T-Connect" system that inserts a newly developed flexible large diameter insertion shaft equipped on the top directly into the main body. (Not compatible with conventional T-TOP series)

Variety of replacement tops "NT-TOP" available

In addition to the top of the standard equipment, a lineup of 6 items in total including 6 items such as chemi correspondence, backlight only, and super high sensitivity sold separately. You can fight with this one piece all day long.

Two sizes, S and M, which are used properly according to the situation

From long cast to brink, we have set 2 sizes that you can capture all over. M size can be set up to No. 1 to support deep-sea Chinu.