Daiwa UVF Emeraldas Sensor 12Braid EX+Si

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  • 12 strand braid of the base yarn ultra-high density corner beating the Daiwa own 12 braid does not collapse the yarn because corner beating, does not twist, strong abrasiveness.
  •  UVF (Ultra Volume Fiber) processing + Evo Silicone processed by the true circle Intensity , strength, abrasion, sensitivity (elongation), dynamic friction coefficient, etc. are all increased. Low elongation and reduced surface resistance significantly reduce the thread noise that is produced. It also achieves a smoother casting feeling and is more sensitive
  •  Strength increased by 120%, the abrasiveness increased by 172%, the elongation inhibition up to 130%, the dynamic friction performance up to 118%
  •  New staining colour and marking has better visibility.
PE  lb. Line Length (m)
0.8 16 150