Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Shore Casting 106H PS



Already 8 years has passed since one of Yamaga’s masterpieces has been released. 
Finally In 2017, the BlueSniper Shore Casting series is totally renewed.

Yamaga have chosen Nanoalloy technology from TORAY to form a new design of concept. You will be surprised at how light and sharp the blank is when you cast or manipulate the lure with high sensitivity and also when loaded, the new blank will assist you to keep fish under control.

The shore jigging scene is changing day by day. To adjust the changing situation of shore jigging, Yamaga have fused sensitive and flexible tip to a devastating power of butt section with knowledge and experiences that Yamaga have earned up until now.
After field test repeated over and over again, Yamaga have reached this answer.


This is the specialized model to manipulate stickbaits without any failure and that will even turn on shy fish into hitting the lure. The butt section almost has a similar power to the 910H model and you will sense that they have a lot in common with the previous model on its tip and mid section when you just hold it, but once you actually cast and fish with it,  you will notice how much it has been advanced than the previous model.

You can even control Kingfish of around 10kg at your will.

You can cast even big diving minnow lures sized around 200mm without any stress and shy fish can’t help resisting to take a bite from the various action of lure that you can give.. Even when you try to target Kingfish that over 10kg from rough field as such rocky terrain, this 106H PS is going to be a huge advantage thanks to sensitiveness and lifting power which is attributable to Nano alloy technology from TORAY. You can cast and manipulate jigs of up to 130g.

Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
3215mm 325g 2pcs Jig~130g/Plug~100g Max Pe5 99.60%


DragMax : 8kg /45° Closed Length : 1575mm Joint : Spigot Ferrule Guide : SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)

Reel Seat:DPS20(Fuji) Suitable spinning reel size :DAIWA around #5000~5500 / SHIMANO #8000~14000