Zenaq Defi Muthos Accura 100H K guide

By Zenaq

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MUTHOS series of rods are designed to catch huge target fish from shore.
Targets can be Yellowtail, Kingfish, Tuna, GT, Grouper, Bonito, etc.
After years of testing in the field, each model has been designed with the perfect balance of power and sharpness that will definitely give you feel confidence and reliable feeling. 
That is MUTHOS.

MUTHOS  Accura

This high performance all-round rod will break through the standard. 
Nowadays, many types of fishing method has kept on developing (using big popper, diving pencil, and so on), and a size of target fish gets bigger and bigger. 
This rod is to enable several different way of shore jigging with one rod. 


Accura 100H

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-200g(Jig) 30-120g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX#5
Accura100H enables to control very wide lure weight range and lure types (Jig, Popper Plug, Diving pencil Plug, etc), and its rod power is equal to an existing model of 100HH. Accura100H is a real high spec all-round rod which keeps giving adequate pressure to fish with minimum tiredness.