Zexus ZX-720 BK Motion Sensor Model

By zexus

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Equipped with a sensor that can be turned on and off, you can operate it without worrying even with wet hands when changing lures, reducing the hassle and speeding up the feeling of an angler directly to the light.

What the latest technological innovation brings will lead to more convenient product development, but products that pursue only technology will become products that are too much for human use, and over-engineered use. It can be a difficult thing to do.

The point is balance. In making ZEXUS brand products, it is always the biggest challenge to install the latest technology and to thoroughly examine and develop the functions to live in the actual field.

The ZX-720 is equipped with the latest sensors, such as adopting a light bulb color that makes shadows (shadows) clear to ensure the safety of your feet when irradiating wide, and what is really easy for anglers to use in the field? ?? It is the result of careful consideration.


Brightness About 400 lumens
Colour black
Light source used SUPER LED white x 1
SUPER LED bulb color x 1
High brightness Φ5mm LED red x 2
Batteries used AA alkaline battery x 4 (sold separately)
Compatible with nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries
Lighting time
(when using alkaline batteries)
2 main LEDs: about 4 hours
1 main LED: about 5 hours to about 50 hours (100% to 10%)
Sub LED: about 50 hours
body size Headlight: Approx. Width 85 x Height 40 x Depth 40 mm
Battery box: Approx. Width 80 x Height 55 x Depth 40 mm
Mass Approximately 194g (without batteries)
Viewing distance Approximately 160m (when 2 lights are on)
Waterproof performance Jet-proof type (equivalent to IPX5)